I am a South African–British writer, historian, and part-time arts fundraiser living in Edinburgh. I am currently in the final stage of my doctorate at the University of Oxford, where I work on the ‘Hearing the Page’ project. My research re-examines the history of the carol and ideas around late medieval performance culture. I am passionate about public engagement with research and have participated in several different public events, including leading one of the Bodleian Library’s ‘Meeting the Manuscripts’ series of workshops and appearing as a guest on HistoryHit’s award-winning podcast, ‘Gone Medieval’. Whilst finishing my doctorate, I have also worked part-time as Development Manager for Dunedin Consort and as a Fundraiser for An Tobar and Mull Theatre.

In recent years I have focused on developing my creative writing. In 2022 I undertook a short course in screenwriting with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I also completed my first play, ‘Brown’. I am now working on screenplays for a television series based in Leith and on my first feature film screenplay. In March 2023 I will begin a short course in filmmaking with Raindance and will also join the Traverse Theatre’s Young Writers Programme. Further details of past and upcoming projects can be found here. I am excited to continue to develop my skills and am now actively looking for opportunities to gain experience in television production, screenwriting, and presenting.